1. A slight immune system boost Vitamin C is found in lemons, which can be good for your immune system. Mornings are the best time to absorb everything.

2. A slightly healthier stomach Your liver works very hard during sleep, so it's important to drink lots of water when you get up in the morning to support it.

3. A Gentle Digestive Kick Warm lemon water in the morning is known to kick-start your digestive process.

4. A slight increase in the Metabolic Rate Lemon water will stimulate your digestive system and increase your metabolic rate.

5. Healthier Skin All of the above benefits can achieve healthy skin. Vitamin C in lemons can also stimulate collagen production.

6. It's a peaceful start to the day As the water warms, the magic of the lemon relaxes you.

You can feel the effects after drinking warm lemon water for a week.